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"Groundbreaking ... it works - and it's actually a heck of a fun experience"

- Chris Morris, CNNMoney

Wild Divine: Making ancient wisdom accessible via modern technology - since 2003

Wild Divine is a mind/body training program which uses a combination of Biofeedback hardware along with highly specialized gaming software to assist in mindfulness and meditation training.  For over 13 years and with tens of thousands of highly satisfied clients in over fifty different countries, Wild Divine is a definitive leader in meditation, mindfulness and mind+body training programs.

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Some of the experts found in the Wild Divine programs:

Jon Kabat-Zinn
Dr. Dean Ornish
Thich Nhat Hanh
Dr. Andrew Weil
Pema Chodron
Nawang Khechog

What is Biofeedback and how does it work?

A feedback device is a way for a human to interact with a machine. For example, a computer keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen on a phone are all examples of feedback devices. A Biofeedback device, like the Wild Divine Iom, allows for your body's very subtle biological signals to control a computer much in the same way that a mouse or keyboard can. What this means in practice, is the Iom makes it possible for the Wild Divine software to detect and analyze your mind and body's very subtle signals of stress, calmness, tension, relaxation, and emotions to provide feedback on your meditative state, and suggestions regarding how to improve it. No more wondering, "Am I doing this right?"

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What the experts are saying about Wild Divine

"In my opinion, the best program for working at home or office on relaxation and self-regulation skills (so-called peripheral feedback, as opposed to brainwave feedback) is the Relaxing Rhythms program available from"
Thomas M. Brod
"One of the most important tools you can incorporate into your life, to affect not only the longevity of your life, but the quality of your life, is a slower, deeper, breathing practice. The exercises in Wild Divine do just that."
Dr. Andrew Weil
World-renowned leader in integrative medicine
"Wild Divine combines technology with the Wisdom Traditions. I'm inviting you to join us on a special Journey... Your Iom will light the path and guide you, towards the secrets of the ancient wisdom which you carry within yourself...."
Zen Master Nissim Amon



All Wild Divine products are covered by a no-question 30-day money back guarantee. 

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Personalized Experience = Rapid Results


The POWER of personalized results - Books, CD sets, and mass produced meditation programs are designed for a generic, average person. YOU are unique, and you deserve the personalized results and guidance Wild Divine delivers.

The benefits of an advanced mind/body, mindfulness, & meditation practice are many: Self-confidence, motivation, focus, productivity, and simply feeling better.  Great for adults and kids alike. Adults abolish the toxic effects of stress and become more productive and centered. "Rambunctious" children calm down and learn self-control, naturally.

A sampling of the Wild Divine Experiences

Relaxing Rhythms - DVD Media

15-Step Mind Body Training

  • See results in as few as 15 minutes
  • Experts & Mentors in Health & Wellness
  • Variable difficulty: Grow and progress
  • Escape "Busy Brain" & "Monkey Mind"
  • Free yourself from Stress & Anxiety
  • Includes Real-Time Grapher

What the press is saying about Wild Divine

"Turns your computer into a meditation station to unlock your full physical and mental potential."
"Turns the quest for calm into entertainment"
"A soothing, exhilarating retreat. Learn the stress reduction techniques essential to wellness."
"Sheer bliss is exploring Wild Divine... it blocked out the noisy room and turned off the chatter in my head."

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Wild Divine offers two types of starter kits: a basic edition, which comes with the iom PE biofeedback sensor and a single software title, and the gold bundle, a value-packed offer that includes the IomPE plus five premium programs and four bonuses. Get started on the path to health & wellness by taking the Journey within. Feel better, smile more.

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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"
- Ancient Proverb

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