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Wild Divine for Professionals:

The Wild Divine Professionals Program is designed to give Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Hypnotherapists, Counselors, Trainers, Coaches and Clinics an innovative way of introducing meditation into their service offering. Wild Divine has a variety of unique whole-body wellness programs which can help your clients reduce stress, increase mental focus, and improve overall feelings of well-being. Based on the proven scientific principles of biofeedback, and featuring expert guidance from leaders in the field of health and wellness such as Dr. Dean Ornish, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Andrew Weil and many others, Wild Divine will give your clients hands-on training in effective mind-body practices such as relaxation, mindfulness and guided imagery. It is an engaging tool for clinicians to monitor compliance and engagement, as well as extend client relationships outside of sessions and create new revenue streams.


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Why introduce Wild Divine into your practice or business?

Wild Divine’s programs will help your customers or clients by making them full participants in their own wellness practices while enabling a new method of revenue generation for your practice or business. 

How will my clients benefit?

Transformation is literally put in your client's hands as biofeedback sensors measure their body’s physiology, reading and responding to changes in their mood and stress levels. Wild Divine’s programs track your clients progress and rewards them for deepening their levels of relaxation and improving their mind-body connection. By using any of Wild Divine’s programs for just 20 minutes a day, your clients will experience the immediate benefits of relaxation. With long term use most should expect to see the following results:

  • Improved responses to stress as your clients retrain their minds and bodies to become more resilient
  • Higher compliance to health care or other positive regimens because your clients are full partners in meeting their stress management goals
  • Faster recovery from stress-related physical and mental issues because clients have learned voluntary control of their responses

Most important, clients will be able to integrate the teachings and benefits of Wild Divine’s programs into their daily lives. By doing so this helps them learn to monitor and sustain these positive changes in their life creating a happier and more harmonious lifestyle for themselves.

What are the ways I can use your products with my clients?

Wild Divine offers a variety of ways to offer a complementary and practical component to your clients’ stress management and wellness needs.

Pre-treatment Self-Guided training

Enroll your clients in a stress management program by giving them access to one of Wild Divine’s guided meditation programs before their appointment begins. This can help prime and relax your clients so they receive the optimal benefits from their session, by helping them breathe and become centered prior to their appointment.

We suggest you offer this experience in a quiet waiting room or special relaxation area of your office. Using one of our programs such as the Progressive Scan Meditation or having your client complete one of the meditations from the Relaxing Rhythms program is an excellent starting point. The experience is immediate and gentle, as soothing music and beautiful visuals will help calm and leave your clients open and ready for their appointment.

Stress Management training

Work hand-in-hand with your client through our programs as you explore together both guided meditations as well as the biofeedback game events. Use the Grapher in Relaxing Rhythms to help them understand their body’s physiological responses. From there, you can explore the different programs based upon their stress management needs and goals and work through the different game experiences. Relaxing Rhythms 2 is an excellent program to use, allowing for individual logins and personalized coherence score tracking, so together you can see your client’s progress over time.

How can my business or practice benefit from joining the professional program? 

Wild Divine offers several ways that you can resell our products from your practice and/or web site.

Reseller Program

You can sell the products from your office or store. You can purchase any variety of our products you wish to share with your patients at wholesale and then resell directly to your clients. The minimum order quantities are reasonable so you don’t have to carry a lot of stock. We provide all follow-up support needs to your clients and all the programs come with their own player instructions.

Affiliate Program

If you are primarily a website operator, or maintain a website and/or mailing list as part of your practice, joining the Wild Divine affiliate program may be preferable to becoming a reseller. There is nothing to buy in advance or stock. Simply refer sales from your website or mailing list, and earn a commission on any sales you refer.

Need More Information?

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Tell me more about the types of measurement and training provided by the Wild Divine programs

The biofeedback in Wild Divine programs focuses on the primary biofeedback measurement of Heart Rate Variability, or Heart Coherence.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the variation of the intervals between heartbeats, the benefits of which are currently a leading area in medical research. It has been shown that high HRV correlates with a healthy heart, as well as increased happiness and positive emotions. Increased HRV activates the baroreceptors which regulate and optimize blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, brain function and the immune system.

Wild Divine’s programs teach your clients specific breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques proven to increase their heart rate variability. Your clients learn to affect their heart rate coherence in a variety of ways within Wild Divine’s programs.

Active Feedback

Wild Divine displays feedback to the user in several ways. One can view the Grapher which shows the body’s responses in real-time and provides visible data displayed on-screen. Each time the user inhales their heart rate increases, and then each exhale causes the heart rate to decrease. This sine-wave pattern is then displayed as a graph on the screen. Also included are numerical displays such as the heart rate, the current heart rate coherence percentage and a session average.

Other feedback methods within Wild Divine’s programs display the user’s coherence through the methodology of a game. When the player’s coherence or HRV improves during the game they progress. Thus the game mechanic functions in the way of a sort of biofeedback “coach” helping the user to progress and try different breathing and relaxation techniques to progress in the game event. In both of these methods, the client can track their scores over time and review their progress.

Guided Meditation

This training involves learning to understand the emotional states of the mind and heart and their effect on the body as it relates to HRV. In a relaxed, meditative or mindful state, the above mentioned sine-wave pattern will become smooth and even and coherence will improve. In states of stress, anxiety or depression the variability between heartbeats tends to become uneven and erratic.

Using different guided meditation techniques in combination with biofeedback have shown that when practicing meditations around emotionally positive concepts - such as gratitude, compassion or empathy - on their own produce high HRV and coherence states. Continuing to meditate and use Wild Divine can result in a training effect, improving the capacity of the user’s mind-body to positively regulate itself.