Iom Blue - Getting Started

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Register your IomPE or IomBlue

In order to obtain additional support as well as any warranty service for your hardware, please click HERE to register your device with Wild Divine.

Access Wild Divine Support Portal

Once you have registered your  IomPE or IomBlue, you may access the entire Wild Divine Support Portal by clicking HERE.

Hardware FAQ

Have a question about your Iom PE or IomBlue or are you seeking more info before puchasing? You can directly access a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the hardware use and functionality HERE.

Hardware Troubleshooting

Are you having any difficulty using your device? Please click HERE to access additional information to get you up and running quicly and smoothly once again.

Software FAQ

Have a question about compatible WIld Divine software titles to use with your IomPE or IomBlue? You can directly access a list of Frequently Asked Questions about software use and functionality HERE.

Software Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any issues with installing or using any IomPE  or IomBlue compatible software, please click HERE for additional troubleshooting assistance.