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What is the Iom?

The iom is cutting edge feedback technology. The iom is about the size of an iPod with three comfortable fingertip sensors, and connects to a PC or Mac via a USB port. The fingertip sensors transmit, in real-time, your levels of stress, tension, excitement or calmness. 

Why is the product called Iom? 

I” stands for the true self

“Om” is the frequency of the truth. It is the vibrating life. It is what makes everything happens. 

The Iom will show your progress. So you keep up with it to become the master of your own mind. The Iom is the connection between the PC and your state of mindfulness, meditation and tension. 

​How was the feedback system developed?

The feedback portion of the iom hardware has a well-proven scientific basis. It was developed in collaboration with some of the leading experts in the country, in particular, we chose those whose work emphasized optimal human performance, such as Liana Mattulich, M.D., Dr. Bob Whitehouse, and Sunny Turner. According to Dr. Bob Whitehouse, a psychologist and biofeedback expert who consulted on the game, feedback uses electronic equipment to monitor a person's internal physiological states and gives feedback that helps the recipient learn how to control these states, to activate balance, release or to recover from them. Others that contributed to The Wild Divine are Jean Houston, a pioneer researcher in human capacities, Nawang Khechog, a former Buddhist monk and one of Tibet's foremost world music composers and musicians, and Liana Mattulich, an M.D. and biofeedback expert.

​​What’s unique about WildDivine’s approach to stress? 

Active Feedback, not Passive Feedback: Read a book, watch a DVD, finish a course, go to a seminar. They'll all tell you what to do. They're telling you the same thing they've told every other person who's seen, heard, or read the same thing. Wild Divine is different. It uses ACTIVE FEEDBACK via our iom technology to let you see on your computer screen exactly what you need to do to recover and take charge of your own life. You've probably been exposed to such constant, slow-building stress you don't even know what it feels like to completely recover. With the Wild Divine iom, that discovery is literally minutes away. This is immediate, ACTIVE feedback, not some "here, do this" method of self improvement.

What sets WildDivine technologies apart from other products claiming similar benefits?

Part of what makes the Iom biofeedback device so unique is that it comes bundled with a variety of software titles. No other biofeedback machine on the market comes with such well-developed custom software tools. These titles include two packages of games and training exercises, as well as two more titles offering comprehensive virtual workshops for in-depth training and lifestyle adjustments. For those wishing to use graphing and charting software, you’ll be pleased to know that the bundled Iom Grapher can display and record multiple bio-signs during biofeedback training sessions.

In addition, we work with the leaders in the industry to bring you a state-of-the art experience to get you on the path to leading a more successful, productive, and confident life. Leaders like Zen Master Nissim Amon, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Dean Ornish, Joan Borysenko, Nawang Khechog, Stephen Cope, Sharon Salzberg and others. 

Who uses WildDivine?

Struggling with Stress: Are you struggling with stress? Imagine. Deep within your mind, there is an oasis of calm. The key to this oasis is in your breath. Relax, Recover, Restore with Wild Divine.

Busy Professionals: If you are looking at your life and feeling overwhelmed by all the daily pressures you face, then making yourself the top priority is the only way you can cope, survive and then thrive in your life at work, or at home, and achieve what you truly want out of life.

Parents & Kids: If you are like most busy parents these days, you are trying to juggle school, homework and activity schedules, family fun, time with your spouse, a job, the house and oh yeah, maybe a few precious moments to yourself to recharge. Could you use new parenting tools? Do your kids need help with concentration, self-esteem or reduction of anxious feelings? Wild Divine offers programs your whole family will love.

Experienced Meditators: If you already use meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices, then you are aware of the benefits you feel in your daily life but there is always room to explore something new. Maybe you are feeling a little bored or unsure if you are seeing the results you first did when you began your journey? Are you still looking for some new expansion of your spiritual growth? Or, has life just gotten so busy lately that you find yourself skipping those precious times you used to take for yourself?

What are the benefits derived from using WildDivine? 

Wild Divine lets you take control, recover, and THRIVE...It is simply stunning what 17 minutes per day of making yourself a priority can help you achieve. Re-learn the ability to recover and take charge of your life! Reported benefits include:

  • Ability to release emotional and mental blocks that need healing
  • Elimination of Stress as a driver in day-to-day life
  • Increases in motivation and confidence and happiness
  • Improved mental abilities, including memory and cognitive skills
  • Calmer, more balanced feelings, often described as feelings of Peace of Mind
  • Students show improved focus and ability to study with higher retention
  • Parents more patient and engaged with children
  • Easing of feelings of generalized fear
  • Improved relationships
  • Reductions in feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Reductions in angry outbursts and relationship destroying mood swings
  • Creation of a new confidence-building inner peace
  • Lessened feelings of tension and anxiety
  • Improved focus and clarity


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