Original Wild Divine User Survey

A Survey for Original Wild Divine Customers


The new owners of Wild Divine hope to revive and rewrite the original Journey to Wild Divine, The Passage.   We need to understand if the interest from previous users is enough to warrant the next level of evaluation and costs.

At a minimum, we want to get an understanding of the favorite game events from The Passage, Wisdom Quest and Healing Rhythms.

By helping us answer this survey, we can determine the feasibilty of undertaking this large project to bring back The Passage, The Journey for modern computers and operating systems.  We can also determine what events or games might be culled from the old software to be remade and added to the current Wild Divine platform.

There are no obligations, nor are you required to add a name or email address.  However, if you wish to be contacted with possible followup materials, please fill in these places in the forms.

This page will have 3-7 short questions and an area for your comments.


Survey Coming Soon.


Please look for our upcoming email notification when this page and the questions are ready.  


If you have questions, email us: support@wilddivine.com.