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4-CD Download

  • Created by Michael Verdick & Carolyn Fazio
  • Created specifically for meditation
  • Includes companion guide
  • 10, 20, 40 minute versions
  • Om chant with masculine & feminine
  • Go deeper than ever
  • Exclusively by Wild Divine

Wild Divine Meditation Audioscapes, Vol. 1 

Welcome to Wild Divine’s first audio series of meditation and relaxation soundscapes. Anyone who has enjoyed Wild Divine’s games and training programs knows the important part sound, music, and atmosphere plays. This is not an accident.

The idea for this series came from a survey Wild Divine conducted, in which we asked what people preferred to listen to (or not listen to) when they were practicing meditation, mindfulness, or just relaxing. As we read the responses, a theme began to appear, and it sparked an idea.

Michael Verdick and Carolyn Fazio are the creative geniuses behind the Wild Divine soundtracks and audioscapes. They are immensely talented, creative, and completely understand the Wild Divine experience. Working with them, we crafted this 4-CD set for a very specific purpose…… 

Listening to music is an active process. Even if it is soft or soothing, your mind follows the patterns embedded in the music. Most meditation or relaxation backgrounds are nothing more than the same couple of minutes of audio “looped” over and over again, and this too is not the ideal scenario for allowing the mind and body to relax and take an inward journey 

This four CD set is very unique…. Each track acts as a subtle guide. Each CD has a 10 minute, 20 minute, and 40 minute version of the track. And each is unique; the 20 minute is NOT the 10 minute looped. No matter which length you choose, it will be a unique experience.

As you listen, and practice the breathwork described in this companion guide, you will find yourself “hooked” on the combination. It frees your mind, body and soul, and becomes a daily sanctuary where you can make yourself a priority and recharge your internal batteries.

Om – The eternal vibrating sound of the truth and the universe. Contains both masculine and feminine, which is missing from every Om chant recording we’ve ever heard.

Canyon – Capturing the grace and grandeur of the magnificent canyons of the American Southwest, image listening 800 years in the past when the Anasazi lived and prospered and the sounds of their daily life echoed through the canyons.

Zen – Ancient temples, sculpted grounds, the smell of sandalwood incense. Close your eyes and drift away as millions of people have done over thousands of years.

Cosmos – No one knows what the Cosmos sound like. Timelessness and one with the inner-dimensional, this is what we might imagine a musical interpretation of what Voyagers were hearing as they traveled the expansiveness of space to the "Heliosheath”