Why meditation for parenting?

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I got Wild Divine when my children were young. I wanted them to have the benefit of practicing mindfulness, but knew that it had to be in a format that was fun and engaging. For them, Wild Divine was just another computer game and they loved it! Now that they are older, they still love it. Along the way, they have also come to see the benefits that it brings to their lives - a greater sense of ease and calmness, more joy and laughter, the ability to drop the stresses of the day and / or to gain a different perspective on them. Wild Divine is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their children!

~ Carrie Pratt - Pretoria, South Africa

Could you use some new parenting tools?

If you are like most busy parents these days, you are trying to juggle school, homework and activity schedules, family fun, time with your spouse, a job, the house and oh yeah, maybe a few precious moments to yourself to recharge.

Make Yourself a Priority

Keeping your best self in the game of parenting requires constant attention. If your personal battery runs out of juice, then your whole household--including your kids--suffers. Like you, our children are also being asked to deal with more pressures in school, social situations, and just to keep gaining the life skills they need now in our technology-overloaded world. Finding ways to take a break, that you can stay with and find rewarding, are something that all of you can find. Exploring the mind-body connection is for everyone. Children can learn to meditate as easily as adults. The key is to learn to breathe. By using meditation and guided imagery, we are able to clear out negativity and plant positive affirmations in the subconscious mind. By learning to focus on our breath, we can find clarity, peace of mind, and the calm center we all need to deal with life's challenges.

Teaching children and teens to learn basic meditation skills can offer so many benefits:

  • Sleep better at night
  • Learn techniques to deal with difficult situations
  • Reduce angry or destructive behaviors
  • Feel and be more successful
  • Relieve stressful and anxious feelings
  • Improve school performance academically
    and creatively
  • Increase self esteem
  • Enhance concentration and memory
  • Find answers within and trust themselves more

Knowing the theory of how to meditate, and then actually doing it, can be two different things. This is where Wild Divine can be the answer at your fingertips, literally, for your whole family.

Make It Fun!

Wild Divine is a program that your whole family will love and use regularly. Our Adventure Gaming series, The Journey to Wild Divine, is fun and engaging to play for children of all ages- and adults too! The active feedback "iom" training hardware becomes your “joystick,” and you use the engaging visuals and activities within the program. The visuals, music and activities make it fun, and you and your kids forget that you are actually learning to breathe and meditate along your Journey.

Wild Divine helps users center themselves peacefully. Like many other video games, it helps my children disconnect from the stresses of their siblings at busy times of day. It also helps re-center them when they have to deal with a disappointment. Wild Divine avoids the two most challenging problems with video products for children. First, they can disconnect from the game within a few minutes when requested to do so. Many video games are extremely difficult for children to terminate without forceful parent intervention. Second, after turning off the game, the children are less likely to be demanding or confrontational.

~ James Simon - Longmeadow, Massachusetts


How Does the Program Work?

The iom Training Hardware from Wild Divine allows you to see responses from your body, live onscreen, in real time. With any standard USB Port you can plug in the iom Hardware. The three finger sensors fit comfortably over the fingers and record the heart rate and sweat gland activity of the player. These signals are then brought into the games via that direct energy to make things happen for you live on screen!

While exploring the mind-body connection, you get to:

  • Build a bridge with your breath
  • Juggle Balls with your energy
  • Open doors by relaxing your body

With the easy to use game format, you and your children will want to return to their meditation, and you will gain a more peaceful house, heart and mind.

I recommend Wild Divine to patients, both children and adults, who are interested in learning deep relaxation skills in a fun, graphics-rich computer environment that Wild Divine provides. I've seen patients get excellent results using Wild Divine and Healing Rhythms.

~ Lawrence Edwards - Putnam Valley, New York

Peace Lies Within

You can begin using the Wild Divine programs to help you and your children today. Here is the complete package of all you will need to get started: