Five Science-Backed Reasons Mindfulness Meditation Is Good for Your Health

Meditation Does More Than Heal Your Mind! Here are 5 Science-Backed Reasons Mediation Is Good For Your Overall Health!

We all meditate for different reasons, but for most of us it is to improve our mental health and keep us relaxed. New research, however, is diving into how meditation is affecting the overall health of our bodies. recently wrote an article that explores new research that shows how meditation benefits us physically.

  1. Mindfulness is good for our hearts - A new study suggestions that mindfulness could help people at risk for heart disease by bringing blood pressure down.
  2. Mindfulness may decrease cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s - A new study with Alzheimer’s patients suggest that mindfulness may be able to slow cognitive decline by having more robust improvement on cognitive scores than other treatments.
  3. Mindfulness may improve your immune system - New studies show that mindfulness meditation appears to increase levels of T-cells in patients with HIV or breast cancer which suggest that mindfulness could play a role in fighting cancer and other diseases that call upon immune cells.
  4. Mindfulness may reduce cell ageing - Studies suggest that long term meditators may have greater telomere lengths, which are proteins that serve to protect from ageing.
  5. Mindfulness may help to reduce psychological pain - Because mindfulness works to reduce pain, anxiety, depression and stress, it works to reduce illness and chronic conditions that are often a direct result of mental illnesses. 


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